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Locked Up EP.4

2010-05-14 12:32:15 by S13g

Alas, poor Cobra Commander has been sentenced to solitary confinement for his prison yard assault on Serpentor (episode 2). He gets some help from some very interesting people during his stay.

A couple of things to consider:

1. If you don't get the humor, you're probably too young. This series is primarily for geezers who like obscure 80's cartoons. We try to throw something in there for everyone, but that is our target market.

2. We at Profiler Pictures strongly recommend staying off of drugs. That being said, we are not your mommy, and we know damn well that you're gonna do whatever the hell you want.

3. Don't write a review unless you've watched it through the credits. Quoth the Egoraptor, "That explains everything".

Locked Up EP.4

Locked Up ep.3

2010-04-27 12:03:05 by S13g

Episode three of the thrilling adventures of Cobra Commanders stint in Jail is through the portal! yaaaa! happiness!

Thanks to Redharvest for playing Warden America, with so many of us here at Profiler Pictures all sounding to similar when we get on mic its a real treat to have some outside voice acting.

Next Episode.....Solitary..... :D

Locked Up ep.3

Locked Up Ep. 2 - Live

2010-04-13 18:01:12 by S13g

All is not well in Supervillain Supermax. Seems there is another rooster in the henhouse, and Cobra Commander isn't taking it lightly.

Locked Up Ep. 2 - Live

Locked Up: Episode Duce!

2010-04-12 14:15:38 by S13g

Ether this week or next week Episode Two for Locked up will be all ready to go whizzing into the portal. Ideas changed over the course of time for other villains the good Doctor and my self wanted to use.

But after a couple beers things worked out. See you soon through the portal!

Don't be a pig fucker! :3

Ill Upload a new blog picture work and time allowing for you all later.

Cobra Commander & Destro

2010-03-29 02:38:54 by S13g

I've been fascinated by the Cobra Commander & Destro relationship since I was 10. It just seemed so odd that this paranoid trust fund kid turned terrorist would buddy up with a black arms dealer who electroplated his head. Only prison can forge bonds like that sugar.

Cobra Commander & Destro

Lost: you know they will.

2010-03-17 20:35:47 by S13g

You know there gonna do us like this. They wrote them selves into a corner.

Watch the video :3

Lost: you know they will.

The Real Fireflies

2010-03-10 19:47:17 by S13g

There are a few things I need to make real crystal f***ing clear here:

1. It is perfectly fine to be gay. The end.
2. Most of this was inspired by Owl City's negative youTube comments.
3. If I was Owl City, sadly, this is how it would've gone down in the house I grew up in. Perhaps it looks familiar?
4. Be sure and watch the credits too. To quote the great Egoraptor, "That explains everything!"

The Real Fireflies

EBE 2: Electric Boogaloo

2010-03-01 21:51:30 by S13g

Yes friends its finally here. Please enjoy!

Much love to the people, friends, and fans who waited for this to happen and big thanks to the Arch Doom Trio for there patience with re-writing of some skits and voice work.

Now don't be a pig fucker and go vote 5! :3

EBE 2: Electric Boogaloo

EBE 2 Trailer LIVE!

2010-01-28 18:47:37 by S13g

Well if the trailer doesn't get your nipples hard I don't know WHAT will! :p

EBE 2 : Electric Boogaloo

2010-01-21 19:29:49 by S13g

Yes friends its true The Everything by Everyone 2 : Electric Boogaloo is coming soon to the nearest portal near you!

There will be action! adventure! romance! gay butt sex! and oh so much more!

You'll laugh! you'll cry! even make chili cheese and fries! So hang on to your panties where coming to you live!.....for now.