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Lost: you know they will.

2010-03-17 20:35:47 by S13g

You know there gonna do us like this. They wrote them selves into a corner.

Watch the video :3

Lost: you know they will.


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2010-03-18 11:19:05

If they pull some shit like this, I will jump through my television and go completely homicidal. Also, if they pull that Jacob is Jesus, and Locke is the devil thing...that's gonna equal more dead television execs. If it was all a big dream...that's gonna mean more lifeless bodies strewn about ABC. DO NOT FUCK WITH LOST FANS!


2010-03-27 21:41:14

NUH-UH, NUH-UH. They confirmed way back when the show was starting that they are definitely not all dead, or in purgatory, or in someone's dream or anything stupid like that. I fully expect there to be a legit conclusion, and if there isn't... Well, I'll lol at all the butthurt going around.