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Locked Up ep.3

2010-04-27 12:03:05 by S13g

Episode three of the thrilling adventures of Cobra Commanders stint in Jail is through the portal! yaaaa! happiness!

Thanks to Redharvest for playing Warden America, with so many of us here at Profiler Pictures all sounding to similar when we get on mic its a real treat to have some outside voice acting.

Next Episode.....Solitary..... :D

Locked Up ep.3


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2010-04-27 13:20:18

Hey this is getting better. I really like the Baroness voice. Great job! Voted 5. What an 80's time warp.


2010-04-27 16:17:24

I agree with Dekathos, this is getting better.

S13g responds:

Thank you gentlemen! Working on Episode 4 as we speak :)