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Episode 8: Locked up! :D

2010-07-19 17:21:08 by S13g

Episode 8 is well on its way to being wrapped up before running off to Comicon. And so to commemorate the need to...well just check out the way Warden America motivates his workers...


Episode 8: Locked up! :D


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2010-07-19 23:19:30

Haha thats funny. Your going to comicon?

S13g responds:

Yes sir, even giving away free swag.


2010-07-22 22:50:48

Damn wish i could come

Stupid vancouver -_-

S13g responds:

Ah that's a bummer maybe we here at Profiler Pictures should throw a all country swag bag give away contest for thoughs who missed out on ComiCon ;)


2010-08-01 22:56:55

I think this is the only reason I come to Newgrounds any more. O wait ---it is.

Also hey-- Please let me audition for some characters. Me and my bro could do some good dreadnocks. Could of probably done a better Tomax and Xamot too/ no offense. This is just the kind of thing that I really get a kick out of and it's fun. I promise to give it my best shot if you'll let me. We love Mindbender too. He's so gay!

BTW. I remember mumm-ra in the first episode. If you put thundercats in it that would be really right up our ally. The mutants in Thundercats just have the most unbelievably funny voices. I gotta be in agreement with that other guy- I like Zartan's voice from the cartoon. It's loud and echoey and he gets his stupid dreds in control cause he's always yelling at them! I know its not very aussie but its in there just very weak.


2010-08-01 23:26:54

And I'm probably being a total jerk for mentioning this buuuut I think Captain America should die and be replaced by Sargent Slaughter. This man more truly represents the hearts and minds of modern Americans (the ones that want to go back to the 80's). He was also one of George Bush's top advisers and still works with Obama to heal the growing rift that divides our great nation. Even the tea party loves him! YO JOEEEE!

And why do I always type could of instead of could "have" ??? Me em dumb.