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80's Time Machine - Whats lurking in your City.

2010-05-17 16:42:13 by S13g

Yeah so how many towns do you live in still have a Cowboys of Moo-mesua Arcade machine in there movie theater. None that's who.

Walking around my city just doing my day to day routine is where I get my inspiration for my flash movies and art that I make for my self and friends.

I encourage you all to go outside and see what you find lurking in your cities :3........Now if I could just find a slice of 'za as stringy as the pizza from Ninja turtles, oh turtles you set a very high bar for cheesy goodness.

80's Time Machine - Whats lurking in your City.


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2010-05-17 16:52:55

out....side? ...nah im good

S13g responds:

thats that thing with legs right? :3


2010-05-17 17:23:02

Wasn't that show from the 90's?

See we're not olllld.

There's a Nathan's Arcade near me but I think most were dumped. Lots of old stuff. Really deafeningly loud. Memmmories. But it's probably better if it's gone. It's just an excuse for a bunch of them whipper snappers to play hookie. Stupid kids! Get off my LAWN!

(Updated ) S13g responds:

A couple miles over from my stomping grounds in another city there is an arcade that's actually been turned into a bar. Basically you can get your drink on then go get your hadoken off ;-)
Yeah your actually right Cowboys of Moo Mesa aired for two seasons from 1992-1994 and was drawn by Ryan Brown, known for his work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


2010-06-01 13:17:47

But the light. It burns......